Home Preservation Team

REO Home Preservation Team

We pride ourselves in our community. We live and work here. We care about the property values in our neighborhoods so when we add an REO listing in any of our South Florida neighborhoods to our inventory- we make sure that our REO Home Preservation Team steps into action to secure your property and prepare it for the market with pride of ownership values.

One of the key benefits to hiring International Properties and Investments Inc as your Florida REO Servicer is access to a full team of professionals who bring the REO property above market standards so that you, the asset manager are able to maximize value and minimize the time on the market.

REO Home Preservation is a key part of our REO management.

Each property in your inventory is unique and has it’s own conditions to deal with. Repairs will be different from property to property and these can have an effect on marketing of the property.

Our home preservation team will come up with a recommended solution that reflects your goal of selling your REO property quickly.

We create a management plan for each property. Market potential is important in determining how much you should invest in your properties. We do not want to invest so much that you price yourself out of the market and yet, not so minimal that the property will linger on the market for months and months.

Small investments can make all the difference between having a strong buyer who really likes the property to ones that will just turn to other homes on the market.

The other issue that is very concerning to you is the code enforcement officers in our South Florida towns and counties. You want to make sure you are not getting fines for not preserving and caring for your REO assets. Most towns and cities in South Florida require regular lawn mowing and cutting down the weeds.

REO property management team members contribute to the team by:

  • Securing the property
  • Inspecting the property
  • Maintaining the property
  • Arranging for repairs
  • Getting bids for repairs
  • Curb Appeal recommendations
  • Cleanliness and hygiene issues
  • Vandalism protection
  • Staging the property


Our REO Servicers team members include:

Landscape and Design 2000 LLC.

Landscaping contributes to curb appeal and it also deters vandalism and squatters. Proper and regular lawn care is important and so is proper watering of plants that also stay within the community rules on watering days and length of time we can water. For higher end homes in the luxury markets the landscaping team will add landscaping or repair existing landscaping to add value to the properties and get more serious buyers looking at these listings.

Richard and Marina Aguiar own and run Landscape and Design 2000 LLC.


Pool Maintenance and Repairs

Florida REO Service pool repair

Pools are very common place in South Florida.  In Florida a pool is an asset to a property unlike in very northern climates where they may be considered a liability. There are of course liabilities that one takes on as an owner of any pool property. The first order of securing a pool home is to secure the pool area to prevent accidents.

We have pool maintenance servicers who will make sure the pool is clean and contain the correct mixture of chemicals to prevent algae growth in this humid climate. Sometimes an electrician will need to be called in if the pool pump needs to be replaced. Having a running pool pump is very important to keeping the pool in good condition.

Air Conditioning Company

Florida REO Servicers AC repair
Central Air Conditioning is expected in homes here in South Florida. In fact,  here in South Florida you look at the amount of square feet ‘under air’ when doing an appraisal on a property. It is the air conditioned part of the house that has the most value.

This also means that the central air units, the handlers and compressors are one of most used appliances in a home. They get a lot of use, wear and tear. One of the biggest causes of poor air conditioning is not replacing the air filters. This is also the simplest and least expensive repairs- to replace the air filter.

Property Cleaners- Clean Outs

Cindy does an amazing job getting the properties cleaned out in a quick and efficient manner. All properties are inspected for debris, garbage and rotten smells are investigated. Rotten food in the refrigerators can turn off even the most forgiving buyer. We make sure that the homes are all broom swept clean, bathrooms sparkling and kitchens cleared of any clutter left behind by tenants or previous owners.

We have our Pest Control Company- Hulett on standby for all of our REO listings.

In South Florida there are more bugs than in many other parts of the country. A vacant home becomes a palace for all kinds of insects, rodents and snakes. While there is no way to totally get rid of ants, cockroaches and snakes- we do our best to keep them at bay so that they are not scaring off the potential buyers.

Contractor- Meet Mark our Contractor

Mark is a Florida licensed Contractor and is available for more detailed and intensive projects such as replacing walls or drywall from mold damage, repairing bathroom damage, kitchen cabinets and a myriad of other commonly called for repairs in order to get the property on the market in the shortest amount of time while conserving the most amount of capital for the REO asset manager.

We also have on call:




Appliance repair services

Handyman ( licensed)


Floor installers


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